In creating an image I treat the composition as a fragmented body; a system in which elements are carried forward, rejected or mutate as part of an editing process. Figures are often in a state of limbo in some cases between object and form, what they were and what they may become as part of the compositional structure within an abstracted space or a theatrical stage. Textures and forms are also reminiscent of the body and are a way of making the interior the exterior, each part being connected.

Whereas my practice is rooted in painting and drawing I have also  been making some sculptural works as a result of the themes I have been exploring. These sculptural pieces help me consider ideas of space and texture within my work as a whole.Recent works have been exploring ongoing themes such as the connections to physiological and physical development of the body and myths. Myths are constructed from discrete components – words and visual images – they confirm some form of truth about how the world is or how we wish it to be. The more the myth is known, the less it is the subject of interrogation, providing instead a stage for debate and improvisation. The work becomes a site for mutation, a growing organism that generates different meanings and takes on different languages such as collage.

The materials employed in some of the works including latex, reference different types of temporal flesh that ages over time. The domesticity of other elements (paper bags, packing tape…) acknowledges the personal routines and rituals associated with them. The result is a living process that can be reactivated at different times just as myths are reshaped over time.

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