9 - 25 September 2021
White Conduit Projects
1 White Conduit Street, London N1 9EL

MEMOREX THE GIANT is a solo exhibition of new work by John Thole. It explores themes, structures and functions relating to the body, myth and the points they meet while reflecting on how these elements travel through folklore, culture and the object. 

In Thole's works, figures such as giants and werewolves are rearranged and reinterpreted. When stripped of their original context, these historical and mythical figures are recast in a new abstracted narrative devised by the artist. They are surrounded by other figures that in turn undergo their own changes and that find themselves in unfamiliar lands, unknowing of their purpose or place. These interpretations endow the artist with the agency to create a counter-narrative to the traditional origin myth. The myth becomes a reflection of a natural process, eternally recurring and mutating.

The continuous retelling and reworking of myths through culture is aligned with the artist’s academic background in film and photography and his long-term use of collage. In contrast to the darker origins of certain myths, Thole’s new scenarios have been rendered with humour and/or a sense of the absurd.